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CMP 200 RAD-14 XRAY TUBE- Queensland

Varian Medical Systems CMP 200 Xray unit for immediate sale. 4 years old. $15,000 ONO



CMP 200®DR generator series. XRAY 45K + GST

• DR ready
• Output power levels of 40, 50, 65, and 80 kW
• Output voltage of 125 kV or 150 kV
• Smaller, modular design.
• Constant dose output with kV and mA regulation during exposures
• User-friendly controls and configuration
• Large LCD panel for APR and technique display
• Programmed for APR operation with manual override of technique factors
• Extensive self-diagnostics with operator messages
• Time, mA, and mAs selections according to IEC standards

• Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
• Digital Interfaces
• Dose-Area Product (DAP)
• Dual Speed Starter (DSS)
• Exposure Hand Switch
• Membrane Control Console

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