27/02/2024 | ID: 23894

DPA + MMM1. MB clinic nr W'gong. 3x Drs remaining!

GP clinic for sale near Wollongong

Asking Price: $295,000

This MB (70% BB, 22% Private + 8% workcover) practice 1.5 hrs sth of Sydney is nr beaches + is selling with the building!

W/ 4x Drs remaining, the clinic has 4x CR’s (approx 3.5 x 4m, 3x w/ windows) + a tx rm. The F/T PM’s office is behind a lge reception. There are 7x pkg spaces for pts + 6x undercover for staff w/ direct access. Potential for expansion as the vendors own the bldg + may sell. Physio + path in a smaller bldg w/ street frontage (the vendors also own these bldgs). A lge tea-room upstairs w/ staff toilet & shower means the team can cycle or walk to work + refresh onsite; making this a potential workplace of choice!

BP software
MB (DVA + for return visits at Drs request + multi-family pts on the same consult + some long term pts at Drs discretion)
100% of telehealth BB.
Computers & server are 2 yr old
SWPE of 2936 represents a diverse pt mix
Fees: 23 = $90 + 36 = $135

Dr 1 = 1/3 owner – will work til retirement or as neg on 70/30 w/ Tues @ the nursing homes
Dr 2 = 68.24% (as an employee), 2x days & 3x part days (0.8 FTE)
Dr 3 = GPT 2 reg wkg FT til Aug ’24 (on 50% of billings + 11% super)
Dr 4 = started Nov 2023 => P/T male doing 3 days/wk
1x RN – F/T – $40/hr
4x P/T + cas reception = 2x FTE’s – range of rates plus cas get 1.25x loading
1x FT PM – $45/hr
Mon to Fri: 8.30am til 5.30pm (no w/ends or pub hols), 161 m2 downstairs (office, reception, waiting area) & 73 m2 upstairs (not incl the 5x5m2 balcony). Undercover car garage for 6 cars + spacious storage space (91m2).

There is a core of aging pts + lots of new, young families moving in. The suburb is surrounded by new suburbs w/ high socio-economic demographics. Plenty of nursing homes but no obligation to service any. No AH’s. W/ 30x new pt inquires/wk, new Drs will thrive! 500 pts enrolled in MyMedicare since 1.11.23.

New owner will start a new lease if not buying the building. The rent will be $8k/12 or $96k/pa incl GST.

Solar panels in place. Site visits may take place after an online meeting w/ the owner weeknights or on a w/end as mutually agreed.

For more details please contact Sally Stuart:

0437 082 045

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