23/02/2021 | ID: 4086

Northside Bris GP Clinic. Drs Remaining. No DPA.

Seeking $750k ONO

With a team of 3x GPs, 2x nurses and 2x administrators, this newly created GP clinic on the north side of Brisbane has turned off their SEO AdWords/Google advertising and closed their books now as they are too busy and can’t take on additional patients. Having an owner/working GP move into this clinic would mean that new patients can be again welcomed to the practice and the web advertising can be restarted.

Currently, only open from 8.30 until 5 pm Mon to Fri, there is so much untapped potential within this practice for a keen business buyer to open the clinic for additional hours and days. Within this central suburban shopping centre, there is a Dominoes; the pizzeria is open till 9 pm and there are loads of people attracted to this location till after 8 pm each night during the week. Saturday trading is another opportunity as yet unexplored by this clinic. With loads of shopping centre car parking, there are ample spaces for both Drs and pts. They are no restrictions on the number of GPs that can work in the clinic at any one time and the private assessor gained approval for 7x consulting rooms so plenty of space to add in extra doctors.

The current lease, which can be assigned or transferred, is for 10 years. The clinic was only created and opened in 2016 when they had 3x CR’s and a treatment room. the unit next door became vacant in 2019 and the GP owner was able to expand into this space. Now the clinic is 9 rooms, with a large treatment room. Med Labs are providing pathology services at the rate of $2k per month. There is a practice manager using a room and 6 rooms for GPs. There are 3x GPs currently at this practice (the 3rd returning from maternity leave by the end of Q3).

This bulk billing clinic is appointment with allied health providing additional services on site. There is a physio there one session a week and paying 35% to the practice owner. 2x dietitians pay room rent at $120 per day. One comes every Wednesday and the other 1 day every other week. They are currently trying to get a psychologist to join the practice to support the increase in mental health referrals that are coming as a result of COVID stress and job losses etc.

The practice recently showed $250K in profit to the owner with gross billings at around the $1.2M mark. Site visits can be scheduled at mutually convenient times after hours or on the weekends, around the business owners availability. He doesn’t work in this practice apart from covering leave so there will be no dramatic loss of income in the practice at settlement as he is not the major income earner for this clinic.

Sally Stuart is assisting in the sale of this practice – 0437 082 045 +

Enquire on this business by visiting​NSW09753  and click on “enquire now”.

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