27/12/2023 | ID: 20800

NSW DPA + MMM5 GP clinic close to Sydney w Drs

Asking $395,000

This means that all drs are eligible to get into a programe in this location quite close to Sydney!

Longeviry is assureed past the current lease as there is a friendly commercial landlord who would offer extended terms. Currently a 5x3x3 yr lease & they are 4 yrs into it. Lease started June ’19 + is valid til end June ’26.

Pts are lovely in this mixed billing clinic as are the team member who will all be remaining (apart from the Dr owner who will leave post handover). Accredited as a training clinic so can have jnr drs on the FSP/PEP as MMM5 plus ACRRM registrars.

The 4x CRs are utilized by the 3.5 FTE GPs w/ the owner there just 2x days/ wk so not heavily reliant on her. She is running the practice so a new buyer may have a PM to bring in or use from another clinic.

Pt demographics are mainly Caucasian + residents orf the nearby retirement village. There is an excluvisity agreement in place b/w this practice & the operators of the RACF.

The Drs get 70/30 fee split & the regs are paid as per the award. There is a AGPT 3 who is on an extension awaiting fellowship & w/ a home nearby would likely stay at this practice post Fellowship. One of the other jnr drs in training lives in Sydney & may leave post Fellowship due to the extensive drive times daily. This would leave space for the incoming owner & a pt base to take over.

As the no# demonstrate, the clinic is still in a strong growth phase. Factors that will ensure continuing growth & profitability incl:

triple bulk billing incentive
private billing for those who don’t qualify for BB
growth of the local area w/ subdivisions
new GP from a nearby suburb joining Feb 2024 w/ a pt base
These factors fall outside the potential for trading longer hrs & full occupancy of the rooms, which would be other drivers for growth. There is plenty of free on-site parking as well as street parking. The clinic is a 4 minute (350m) walk from the train station and bus stations.

Site visits may take place after an initial online chat at a time that is mutually convenient outside trading hrs.

For more details please contact:

0437 082 045

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