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Townsville Minor Surgical and Skin Clinic for sale

Valuation for the freehold came back at $1.2M and the business will be coming to market later this week.

Northern Australia, Townsville is particularly well known for skin cancer. This business was started in 2015 by a doctor who had worked in the outback of Queensland for many years, as an outreach Surgeon. He realised that many people with skin cancer had delayed treatment because of long waiting lists in the Public Health system. His vision was to make skin cancer diagnosis and surgery available for all in an efficient, quick and cost-effective and timely manner. The focus of the clinic is mainly procedural and mental health. Presentations are mostly elderly with skin problems and Mental health from younger patients are ex-army and army personnel dependents.

Townsville Minor Surgical and Skin Clinic is located on Ross River Road. Their other services provided include bilateral vasectomies, carpal tunnel release and Dupuytren’s contracture release, procedures normally not done by most GPs. Skin cancer surgeries are performed under local anaesthetic on facial areas including the nose, ears and lips. In addition, our team at Townsville Minor Surgical and Skin Clinic also provide treatments for ganglion cysts on wrists and hands, as well as simple and complex skin flaps. Split thickness, full-thickness & skin grafts can also be performed by the specialist doctor. Working hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday; closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

As the demand was high and larger premises were needed, the owners had a DA lodged to take this practice from 2 to 4x GPs. Permission was granted in January 2018. The permission was appealed on very flimsy grounds, by a person living on the Gold Coast. The City Council will stand by their decision for Approval and will be supported by the owners.

The building stands on a large 1690 square metre block. The house has 2 residential Units with approximately 350 sq.m. construction under roof, 2 garages, 1 car-port and parking for nearly 9 cars. There is more vacant space for further construction if needed. The driveway and car parking has been made for Commercial use.

The Clinic is located at a very major crossroad in Townsville, close to major shopping centres and businesses. This crossroad has become a Health hub. Directly across the road is a Chiropractic Centre on one side, diagonally across is a newly opened Physiotherapist, next door is a Psychologist Practice; whilst across the road on the other side is a large Podiatry Centre.

We have decided to keep the building and just lease the practice.

It is an accredited practice for 4-5 doctors with adequate space for Allied health. We have more than 2,000 families. We are ready to stay till the new doctors have acclimatized. We are not charging for the good will just the cost of furniture and instruments. It is fully equipped with the latest instruments, needed in modern practice.

Has 1x FT GP (husband) plus 3x part-time GPs (one is the wife), plus a psychologist. Has a 6-week waiting list for some appointments. Husband and wife will transition for up to 1 year with the new owner.

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Sally Stuart is assisting with this Sale!

Contact: or on 0437 082 045.

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