Vet, Allied Health, Medical, Optometry, Physiotherapy, Dental, Chiropractic
17/10/2023 | ID: 17782

VIC, Wyndham area, 1 acre premises

An over 4000 sqm site. It has planning permit for a veterinary clinic. Council have advised that it’s easy to repurpose as a medical/ dental/other facility. The mains sewer has been connected from across the road by tunnelling through rock and is ready to connect. It could be immediately subdivided into two lots. There are  planning reports, traffic reports, engineering, soil reports, landscape reports etc etc available. The building permit is almost finished too.

The idea was to repurpose the existing facility to get the council used to the idea and then to build a multi-storey facility linking in where the pool is. The carpark would then extend all the way around the perimeter. With a medical facility, a large reception/ waiting area could be where the staff room and offices were) with consultation rooms in the wing where the theatre is. It could connect into the new building or be completely separate enterprises.

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