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What are the features of Medfin’s Online Services?

Access to Medfin’s Online Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where you can:

  • Check the account balances on your Medfin facilities
  • Download account transactions and import them into your Practice accounts program
  • Transfer funds between your line of credit and your nominated account1
  • Set automated regular transfers between your Medfin Line of Credit and a nominated bank account1

For any queries regarding the features of Medfin’s Online Services please speak with our Client Services Team on 1300 728 718.


How do I get access to Medfin’s Online Services?

Please call Medfin’s Client Services team on 1300 728 718 to register for the service or request a call-back online.

You will receive a Client Access Code, Customer ID number and temporary password.

Medfin recommends you always keep your Access Code confidential.


Are there any fees for using Medfin Online Services?

There are no fees to access Medfin Online Services. If you wish to transfer funds between your nominated account to your line of credit, Medfin’s standard direct debit fees will apply to each transaction in accordance with any direct debit service agreement between you and Medfin.

Medfin will always give you 30 days written notice of any changes to fees and charges.


Is Medfin Online Services secure?

All traffic between Medfin Online services and your internet browser is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure it is secure.


Can I allow other people to access my Medfin accounts using Medfin Online Services?

No, for security reasons we cannot allow other people to directly access your accounts online using Medfin Online Services.

However, you can authorise another person to receive certain information to do with your accounts over the phone by calling the Medfin Client Services Team on 1300 728 718.

What do I do if I forget my Access Code?

When logging onto Medfin Online Services, you have up to three attempts to enter your Access Code. If you forget your Customer ID or password or enter the wrong details too many times you will need to re-register for Medfin Online Services by calling our Client Services Team on 1300 728 718.


What do I do if I think my access code has been compromised?

If you think your Access Code has been compromised please contact Medfin Client Services Team immediately on 1300 728 718.


Who do I contact to report a loss on my account?

If you have questions relating to suspicious transfers and drawings on your Medfin accounts, please contact the Client Services Team on 1300 728 718.

Who do I contact if I want to resolve a problem?

At Medfin we are on call with quality service and specialist industry knowledge. We always welcome the opportunity to listen to your opinions and to improve our service in any way possible.

If you have a problem with your account, our service does not meet your expectations, or you would like to give us a suggestion about how we can improve, please contact our Client Services Team on 1300 728 718 or provide feedback online. To find out about other methods and avenues to have an issue addressed please click here.


1 Transfer of funds occurs only on Sydney business days at 3pm. If you request a transfer on a weekend it will be actioned at 3pm on the next business day (provided it is not a public holiday). Transfers are limited to 1 transfer per Line of Credit per day. There is no daily transaction limit other than the available limit of your Line of Credit.