Time to review your Practice Goodwill Finance?

Now is a good time

Right now, Australia is experiencing an extraordinary economic and business environment. And now is a great time to review your Practice Finance to ensure it’s meeting your business’ needs and you are well positioned to achieve your business goals.

So, if you:

  • used equity in your home loan to buy your practice
  • have had your Practice Lending in one place for many years, without review
  • want the support of a lender who understands your business and has supported healthcare practitioners for over 30 years


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Why Medfin

We understand that patient care is your number one priority — that when your career is focussed on the health and wellbeing of others, it’s more than just a job. For more than 30 years, Medfin has supported doctors, dentists, vets and allied health professionals with financial solutions, letting them concentrate on patients, not paper work.

We offer expert business and personal finance solutions, and work around your busy schedule. We’ll take care of the finance so you can take care of everyone else.

When you are financing the goodwill of an established practice, or buying a share of the business. We’ll chat about the best loan options for you, how to manage repayments and cash flow, and look at your future goals for your business.

With a Medfin Practice Loan, you'll get access to

Fixed and variable interest rate options

Flexible repayment options

Ability to borrow up to 100% of your practice purchase price¹

Redraw available²

No annual fee³

Important Information

1.Provided eligibility criteria are met; 2. Available for variable rate loans only – subject to terms & conditions; 3. Other fees & charges may apply;

All facilities with Medfin and National Australia Bank Limited are subject to eligibility criteria, credit assessment and approval. Terms & conditions, fees & charges apply (available upon request).

Because we do not know your personal objectives, please consider whether these products and services are appropriate for your circumstances. Before acting on any of the information on this website, please seek independent financial and tax advice.

Business support for your practice

We know that owning your own healthcare business can present exciting opportunities.  It also often comes with a range of challenges and important decisions. As a health practitioner, your time is spent helping others, focussing on the wellbeing and development of your patients.

We believe it’s important you take time to focus on the wellbeing of your practice and yourself.

That’s why Medfin, together with NAB and HICAPS, bring you tools and support to help you and your business continue to grow and adapt into 2021.

Tools that help you keep an eye on your business

Business Plan Questionnaire

A business plan is a tool often used when starting your practice. It helps identify your business’ personality, develop a roadmap and align your planning with your goals. It’s a good idea to to review your plans regularly.  Your business plan remains a key resource as your business grows.  It too will continue to develop, as your practice, technology and the economy changes.

Download Medfin’s easy to use templates to help keep you on track of your goals

(1) Medfin’s Practice check-in template asks the questions you don’t spend time on, when you’re busy focussing on patients.

(2) Use Medfin’s Business Plan Questionnaire, when you’re starting up and as your regular practice pulse check.


Cash Flow Forecast

Often required by lenders when you start out in your business.  But equally important for you, to review and update regularly.

Do you know how many patients you need to see to cover your expenses each month?  And if those patient numbers suddenly change, what flexibility do you have to change too?

Making time to regularly look at your cash flow, will help you to make informed everyday expense decisions, and is key to future planning.


Download Medfin's Cash Flow Template
Business Fit from NAB

Education and support available to all Australian small business owners

NAB offers a health and wellbeing program to help small business owners be more resilient, transition to new ways of working and sustain physical and psychological wellbeing.

Visit NAB and register for FREE
Easy reconciliation solution with HICAPS

A simple solution helping you keep on top of your income and reducing time spent on admin

With the secure portal,  HICAPS Accounts Online , practitioners can view all claims, settlement totals and consolidated payments received from all health funds, in the one place.  Helping you with fast and easy reconciliation of your transactions.



Visit HICAPS to learn more
Budgeting for a successful Practice

Don't be put off creating a budget

When you’re running a busy practice, budgeting can seem like a time-consuming, low-priority chore. But, like all business owners, you have to know how much revenue you need to generate, to cover your outgoings such as rent, wages and tax.  A budget can play a positive role in helping you to run your practice more smoothly, productively and be prepared for any unplanned changes in income.

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