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Suman Saha

Relationship Manager in Brisbane

Suman has worked in Medfin for 12 years, working closely with the specialised NAB Health bankers. He understands the finance needs of health care professionals and assists his clients daily to reach their goals.

Suman has a Masters in Commerce (Advanced) from the University of Queensland, specialising in Applied Finance and Professional Accounting. He brings these skills to each meeting, working through cash flow analysis, and helping you understand what’s available from Medfin.

Suman’s three year old daughter keeps him and his wife young. He’s always up for a game of cricket and soccer on the weekend. Travel is his other joy, visiting new places is a chance to experiencing different cultures and try new cuisines.

“Modesty, simplicity and honesty are our pillars of strength and my wife and I now teach these values to our daughter. I am passionate about giving, making time for charity work with the underprivileged; it gives me immense joy.”