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28/02/2024 | ID: 23918

Melbourne antiaging under management with doctors staying

Anti-aging clinic for sale in Melbourne

Asking price: $1,500,000

They are proudly one of the largest & most recognized Advance Aesthetic Clinics in Oz
Have a large, loyal customer base of 36,000 contacts & 11,000+ active pts who regularly receive newsletters & special offers
Use the latest, industry accredited ‘state-of-the-art’ tech & techniques
Offer excellent customer service & post-procedure care
Are conveniently located close to major transport & ample car pkg w/ disabled access
This est aesthetic clinic w/ 10 CR’s is one of Australia’s largest & most reputable treatments centres. For 24 yrs+ this clinic has been providing treatments to this affluent Melb community. The drs, nurses, laser clinicians & advanced beauty therapists deliver a range of services supporting their clients to look & feel the best version of themselves. This clinic has been the multiple winner of national + international awards for providing best customer service & care as well as being recognised as a leader in advanced, non-invasive aesthetic medicine.

Using the latest medical grade laser systems & cutting-edge tech, this clinic helps clients achieve optimal results in a variety of areas. W/ 2x GP’s (one comes 2x days/wk + one comes once a fortnight), 3x F/T therapists plus the owner who works 10-12 hrs clinically (& can be replaced by a senior laser therapist) + 1x F/T reception (all on contract), & a p/t bookkeeper (paid as a contractors – external); some of the loyal team have been working for over 10 yrs at the clinic! This shows how much this vendor respects & values employee’s rights & rewards their efforts. The team are fully trained to operate on their own to provide all therapies w/n the clinic; meaning that the operation is not dependent upon the owner.

The business owns 4x active websites that function as a marketing & lead channels, driving inquiries to 2x main channels which would be incl. Fully integrated Server on Cloud in 2020 (incl 13x digital ph systems & IT infrastructure).

Initial chat with the vendor onine & a 2nd meeting in person after business hrs at a time that is mutually convenient.

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