Car loans

Medfin’s streamlined process makes vehicle financing simple for healthcare professionals.

Looking for a new car loan? We’ll put you in the driver’s seat.

Looking for a new car can be fun, but no-one enjoys shopping around for finance. We make the process of getting motor vehicle finance fast and simple. Our team provides you with a range of loan options, and you can sign the documents online.

Let us look after the finance while you focus on finding the car that’s just right.

Benefits you’ll enjoy with a Medfin car loan.

  • Finance up to 100% of the cost of your car, no additional security needed

  • Variable and fixed rates available on personal loans

  • Optional balloon payment at the end of the loan¹

  • No annual fees²

  • Business and Personal Loan options

  • Fixed rates and repayments for business use vehicles

  • Sign documents online to save on paperwork and time

  • Structured repayment options to suit your cash flow

We get your finances rolling while you take the wheel

We find the right financial solution for thousands of doctors, dentists, vets and allied health professionals each year. We find the right car loan so you can keep your eye on what’s ahead.

Talk to a Medfin specialist today and we’ll get you behind the wheel faster.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a personal and a business car loan?

When you buy a car for personal use, a Personal Car Loan is the best option.

However, if you’re claiming the car as a business expense, meaning you use it predominately for business, and you have an ABN, then Medfin’s Asset Finance may suit your needs better.

What Assets Finance options are available?

There are three options available to you.

  1. Finance Lease: Medfin buys the car and you make lease payments. A Lease is for an agreed amount and term, with a residual amount due at the end.
  2. Chattel Mortgage: You buy the car with a loan from Medfin. We take a security over the car. When your last loan payment is made, Medfin releases the security.
  3. Commercial Hire Purchase: Medfin buys the car and you make loan repayments, purchasing it progressively from us. When you have made your final repayment, you own the car.
How much can I borrow?

This depends on the amount of finance you need, what you need it for, and your cash flow. Medfin makes it possible to borrow up to 100% of the purchase price of the vehicle.

I’ve found the car, how long will this take?

When you’re ready to apply we’ll generally have an answer for you within 24hours (sometimes immediately). We’ll obtain the invoice from your car dealer and email you the documents — the same day if you need. And when all conditions are met, we’ll pay the invoice when you’re ready to pick up your new car.

If you’re buying from a private seller, there are a few extra steps, so the process may take a little longer, but not too much.

Do Medfin offer competitive rates?

Medfin rates, repayments and fees are always competitive. And because Medfin offers finance solutions exclusively to healthcare professionals, we understand current changes and challenges within your industry.

You’ll find our high quality, personal service, combined with competitive rates, saves you paperwork and time.

What is Medfin's Personal Loan Target Market Determination?

Read more about Medfin Personal Loan Target Market Determination.

Where can I find more information about the Banking Code of Practice for Medfin?

Medfin enters into Personal Loan Agreements as agent for National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937 Australian Credit Licence 230686 (‘NAB”).  Doing the right thing is important to Medfin and to NAB. That’s why NAB has adopted the Banking Code of Practice which sets the standards of practice and service for banks. The Banking Code applies to Medfin’s relationship with personal loan customers in its capacity as agent for NAB.

If we sent a loan agreement to you for signing before 1 October, 2021 then in order to comply with the Banking Code of Practice:

  • our terms and conditions should have stated that information on current standard fees, charges and any interest rates is available on request –if you do require information on current standard fees, charges and any interest rates, please contact us; and
  • we should have had information publicly available about our processes for working with customers in financial difficulty – this information can now be found on our Financial Hardship page.

To find out more about the Banking Code or to obtain a copy of the Banking Code, visit and look up “Banking Code”.

Important information

1. Finance Lease requires a residual payment at end of the finance term . 2. Other fees and charges may apply.

Variable rate only available for personal car loan. Business use loans require an ABN.

All facilities with Medfin and National Australia Bank Limited are subject to eligibility criteria, credit assessment and approval. Terms & conditions, fees & charges apply (available upon request).

The tax comments provided in this document are of a general nature. Medfin recommends that you seek independent tax advice in respect of the tax consequences arising from the use of any Medfin Asset Finance solution as they apply to your particular circumstances.