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24/04/2024 | ID: 26951

Thriving Podiatry practice for sale in Cairns

Trade crowds for coral sands: thrive in paradise and heal with your heart In Cairns

•       Considered the most beautiful podiatry practice in Cairns by many local health professionals and a national podiatry administrator, with 180 degree park views and high mountain backdrop;

•       Established for 16 years in this location, with a portfolio of referrals from GP’s, allied health practitioners, NDIS, MyAgedCare, Department of Defence and word of mouth;

•       Medibank Private Members Choice provider;

•       Well developed biomechanical, sports medicine, musculoskeletal and general podiatry load

•       Located 8KM from city centre in the fastest growing southern corridor;

•       Stand alone practice, neighbours including a chemist and 10 doctor medical practice, and many allied health professionals;

•       Current lease 30 months to run, with a further 5 year option (subletting option built in);

•       2 fully equipped treatment rooms;

•       System software with company policy infrastructure in place;

•       Major signage for front signs on Bruce Hwy, with 20,000 cars per day visibility;

•       Ample patient parking out the front of our surgery;

•       Disabled access and disabled parking options in front of practice.

Escape the urban grind and trade skyscraper shadows for sun-kissed beaches. Drive to Cairns city, where turquoise waters whisper your name and every sunrise paints the sky with endless possibilities. This isn’t just a podiatry practice, it’s a haven for Holistic Healing. Your patients won’t just find solace in their feet, but a path to wellness nurtured by your passion and the vibrant energy of paradise. Imagine mornings starting with a barefoot walk on the sand followed by day is filled with laughter and quiet satisfaction of making a difference. Build on a foundation of established Lifestyle Medicine care known throughout Cairns for its focus on holistic well-being. Leave the housing wars behind. Here, your dreams don’t have a mortgage. Spacious homes dance with the breeze, and the cost of living whispers a sweet melody of affordability.

Cairns cradles your soul, with a vibrant community, world-class adventures, and a kaleidoscope of natures treasures. Hike hidden waterfalls, snorkel coral reefs teaming with life, and discover the rhythm of a city that beats to the pulse of the ocean. Are you a podiatrist with a fire in your heart and sand between your toes? Ready to trade the ordinary for extraordinary? This is your calling. Your practice awaits, nestled in paradise, ready to continue blossoming under your touch. Don’t just change your job, change your life. Claim your piece of Cairns Paradise. Let your passion flow like the Coral sea. Dive into Paradise and heal with your heart.

Now is the time to act, allow your journey of self-compassion to meld with a loyal and dedicated family of patients, while building strength into your own quality of life. Ready to create your own Blue Zone? If so, make an offer today!

Contact us now on (07) 40543330 or email us on info and arrange an appointment to discuss your vibrant and passionate future, as you dream it to be. Genuine sale due to family relocation.

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