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Albert Yun

Relationship Manager in Wollongong, and Sydney

Albert has started his banking career since 1997 and has worked in local and international banks. During his banking career, he has held senior positions in Retail Banking, Business Banking and Private Banking. He is an experienced Relationship Manager with extensive experience in various Banking segments working with medical professionals.

“I see myself as a business partner with my customers. I work with them in setting up their own or buying an existing medical practice. Once their practice(s) grow to certain scale, we will generally work on a joint project to buy their own commercial property for long term business sustainability. I use my professional experience and academic training in helping my customers set up and grow their business.

My aspiration is to achieve the best Customer Service for my customers. I treat my customers as my top priority and will always make myself available for them. Over a period, we quite often develop stronger working partner relationships in addition to a Banker/Customer Relationships.”

Albert came to Australia from Hong Kong 40 years ago, and started High School. Since then he has a master’s degree in Business and Administration. He and his wife have a son who has already grown up, and a daughter who is still in university. Albert has a strong passion in Food and Wine with good culinary and wine making skills.