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Troy Lupoi

Relationship Manager in Melbourne

Troy has been in the banking industry for over 25 years. Developing his skills at two of the major banks, he has now enjoyed over 8 years with Medfin.

“I saw Medfin as market leaders in the health industry finance area, with speed to market and the ability to look outside the box on assisting their clients. I also found that the staff are all about helping our clients, helping each other within the teams and generally enjoy the comradery of this team.

Having been in the finance industry for so long, there is huge satisfaction in knowing that the work you are doing with healthcare professionals generally helps everyone. It’s a greatly appreciated industry. It’s a good feeling, assisting in setting up a clinic, that you know will add a service to an area that is genuinely appreciated.”

Troy is a family focused parent of a teenage son, which means mostly being his free Uber driver. He loves keeping fit and active, and lives a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ mentality. While he loves his golf, Troy’s one true love is the Essendon Bombers AFL club.